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*4.2.4* - 17.02.2015
* Changed compression to UglifyJS/YUI to help deal with tools with are unable to handle
  packer.js obfuscation [bduncan]

* Fixed header of tipped.css in the light version.
*4.2.3* - 13.02.2015
* The title attribute that's removed when creating a tooltip is no longer restored 
  when a tooltip is removed if the title was manually changed. This helps prevent 
  getting unexpected content when creating tooltips on the same element multiple 
  times [smares]
*4.2.2* - 05.12.2014
* Added an empty click handler to the body in MobileSafari so clicks always register on
  it, this is a workaround suggested by Apple to help with event delegation, and 
  hideOnClickOutside in our case.
*4.2.1* - 21.11.2014
* Fixed a bug that prevented the afterHide callback from firing on ajax tooltips with
  a disabled cache [kaos057]

* Updated Voilà to 1.1.0
*4.2.0* - 01.11.2014
* Removed the need to include imagesLoaded, Tipped now uses Voilà and packages it 
  into its javascript file. Voilà works in IE6 and IE7, imagesLoaded didn't.

* Added voila option to disable image loading.
*4.1.6* - 11.08.2014
* Tooltips with target: 'mouse' now have a minimum showDelay of 100ms, this makes it 
  a bit less likely for them to open close to the edge of an element.

* Tooltips with behavior: 'sticky' now have a minimum showDelay of 150ms, this helps 
  with use on text that spans multiple lines/line-breaks.
*4.1.5* - 01.08.2014
* Improved offset when tooltips are positioned based on the mouse position, moved them 
  slightly down so there's less distance on top and more on the bottom [IAM]
*4.1.4* - 20.06.2014
* Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect link colors on some skins caused 
  by a change in 4.1.3
*4.1.3* - 20.06.2014
* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use setDefaultSkin with a skin extended with 
  extra options [bgk]

* Made sure that Tipped.Skins contains an entry for every skin used by Tipped, even though 
  these are just empty objects. Adding skins to Tipped.Skins is completely optional, but it 
  makes sense that you'd find these there for further extending.

* Some CSS changes to make sure newly created skins have the exact styling of the default 
  dark skin.
*4.1.2* - 17.06.2014
* Made sure that using the Tipped 3 ajax url notation in v4 doesn't break 
  Tipped.clearAjaxCache(). It's recommended to move to the new notation as 
  documented, the v3 url as second argument is no longer documented so support 
  for it might be dropped in the future [Sam Arjmandi]

* Updated jQuery to 1.11.1