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*4.1.1* - 17.06.2014
* Fixed Tipped.setDefaultSkin() regression [bgk]
*4.1.0* - 14.06.2014
* Added an imagesLoaded option that makes it possible to disable imagesLoaded even 
  when it's included, this can help speed up tooltip display when content has fixed 
  dimensions set.

  Note: imagesLoaded is enabled by default, some people mentioned that this caused a delay.
  This delay is added by imagesLoaded as it waits for images in the tooltip to finish 
  loading, making sure that the tooltip shown has proper dimensions.

  By disabling imagesLoaded tooltips will no longer wait for images to load, they will show 
  up faster initially but the tooltip can have incorrect dimensions. You will have to make 
  sure that tooltip content has proper dimensions set, only then can imagesLoaded safely 
  be disabled.

* Some refactoring to minimize repaints during the initial build/display of a tooltip.
*4.0.10* - 10.04.2014
* The container option now accepts a selector string, when used an element will be searched 
  for in the parent node tree up from the element the tooltip is attached to.
*4.0.9* - 10.04.2013
* Added a container option to set the element the tooltip is appended to, it defaults
  to document.body [ilevent, bri]
*4.0.8* - 28.03.2014
* Fixed an issue with RequireJS when jQuery is not exposed on the window [bri]
*4.0.7* - 28.03.2014
* Fixed Tipped.delegate ignoring showDelay [markryder53]
*4.0.6* - 21.03.2014
* Added support for RequireJS [bri]

* Renamed imagesloaded file to imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js so it matches the 
  official filename.
*4.0.5* - 21.03.2014
* Fixed an issue in tipped.css to make it validate completely [bgk]
*4.0.4* - 17.03.2014
* Made sure that returning a falsy value or nothing in a function as content will 
  not throw an error about empty content, instead we no longer attempt to show a 
  tooltip if the content is empty [markryder53]
*4.0.3* - 16.03.2014
* Added functions as content [markryder53]