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*4.0.2* - 16.03.2014
* Fixed a bug in Tipped.remove() that caused it to not clean up everything properly, 
  causing errors in some situations [sc0ch]
*4.0.1* - 06.03.2014
* Added missing Tipped.hideAll() [tjchambers]
*4.0.0* - 26.02.2014
* Lots of changes. Keep in mind that Tipped 4 is not backwards compatible with Tipped 3.
  The documentation on the new site covers the new API.

  - Completely CSS based, everything from close button to loading icon is done 
    with CSS, making it very easy to customize tooltips. CSS is a lot lighter on 
    the page compared to Canvas and stays sharp at every resolution.

  - Adding a skin no longer requires Javascript, just CSS.

  - Skins can be resized to different sizes also defined in CSS.

  - Improved positioning system.

  - Improved Ajax support, the response can now be modified before updating 
    the tooltip, this makes it easy to use things like JSON.

  - New API methods like enable and disable.

  - Event delegation!

  - and much more, the new website and documentation cover it all.